Saturday, January 14, 2012

all scamming from Nigeria has ceased.

He was mistaken for a decent human and was granted a modship that he grossly abused.

A good question, I will see if I can get an answer.

It would be hard to do so. As he also deleted a lot of rubbish that he and orher trolls posted, it is probably best that we start afresh with decent members and help the site to grow in a good way.

We will do our best to help the site to grow.
Please contribute when you can. Thanks.

2011 was truly a year of change, in case you haven't heard. Thanks to my efforts, all scamming from Nigeria has ceased. My team and I have shut down all their fake scamming email accounts and had every one of the fraudstars arrested so that no more 419 emails have been received by innocent victims !

You're welcome!

the 'greatest site in the universe' has to beg for members.

After losing so many of the admins, mods and members en masse, under the stewardship of Rover, resulting in cheatme losing the title of the largest site of its kind, now a poor second, with less than half the membership of its competitor.

Reality has sunk in, and Rover is forced to beg for new members. Unlike, say, rahstyles, where members are streaming in like we're giving away free pussy. They're not all my AE's, I swear.

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As 2011 draws to a close we find ourselves reflecting on another good year for baiters and yet another problem year for the scammers. Thanks to all the hard work put in by our members.

For 2012 and beyond I would like to appeal to all of our members to help spread the word about 419eater and The more people that know about what we do the better chance we have of doing more damage to scammers and helping more victims.

Let's make 2012 the year that we really get the word out about us. Whenever you get an opportunity please write about us, put our links down on various forums, tell others your stories or back link to some good baits here on Eater. Every bit helps. If ONE victim sees your link to Scamwarners and we are able to save them from further victimization then all of it is worth it.

If every member on eater can put up a link or short story about Eater or Scamwarners on a weekly basis, we will more than double our readership over the next twelve months. Here are the current stats for Eater and as of the 29th Dec. If you are prepared to get involved and help us spread the word let us know in this thread. (No Spamming of course) I will continue to report on how we are doing on a monthly basis. Between the lot of us I'm quite sure we can make a difference.

Rover your members attacks on me over many years has totally failed, and I am getting stronger while your site is dying. Where have all the long time staff members gone? Where is Lotta and Nurse nasty to name just a couple?

Your attacks on me have totally backfired.