Wednesday, January 18, 2012

allow SCAMMERS to post links to sites they have set up that defame me.

Joe If this is about me, why not tell the truth for once and explain how you lie and mislead your members in order to denigrade me. Why not explain how you posted confidential information from my message to vbulletin on your website, while you are a staff member on there and are supposed to keep information from vbulletin customers confidential?
Why Joe, I thought you classed yourself as professional?

You just banned me and said to me it was because I was "unprofessional "
Is this in the rules JOE? did I break a rule on Juot? or are you pissed that I am telling the truth and it exposes your lies?
Posting details of my confidential messages to support staff at vbulletin on your forum is not very professional is it JOE?
What possible interest could the members on Juot have in a confidential message from me to vbulletin ? WHY JOE?

Tell them how I tried to discuss things with you in a reasonable and sincere manner, but you stopped replying to me and then lied about why you banned me to prevent me from discussing things.WHY JOE?

Tell us why you are supporting and protecting SCAMMERS on your website and allowing them to post links to viral sites and to personal information about other members thereby placing them in real danger. WHY JOE?

Why do you promote illegal cashbaiting on Juot? You are aware of the heartache and despair even suicide this causes, why Joe why do you do it? WHY JOE?

Sorry Joe you cannot stop the truth from being revealed by banning, as I am a member on too many other sites and can reach many thousands easily with the truth.

Some FACTS are here.

Joe I am prepared to talk to you on skype or Gmail in a civil manner to sort things out, but so far you have declined to discuss things with me as you seem to be afraid of the truth.

You can start by explaining why you banned me for ASKING you a question and called it a threat? A PISS poor excuse Joe, and then you told the members it was because I reported the member who was posting viral links too often ? ONE must be a lie Joe, which one?

Joe have you been threatened or blackmailed by the scammers? as your actions seem very strange and destructive for you. I am a mod or admin on seven websites and a member in good standing on some others, yet YOU seem to want to denigrate me with lies and untruths. WHY Joe, what or who are you afraid of?

For the record I have NEVER mentioned getting you fired, however I keep on asking that my personal details and those of my website and members be denied to you, for their safety as you have proven to be unreliable about confidentiality.

" someone who I didn't think had any reason not to like me" Joe are you actually SERIOUS? are you that stupid? you ban me and lie about me and post absolute crap about me, and then you allow SCAMMERS to post links to sites they have set up that defame me. THEN you allow links to my real life photograph that you KNOW was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Then you post derogatory untrue posts about me to ridicule me. Then to top it all off you go and post parts of a CONFIDENTIAL message that was sent from me to VBulletin IN CONFIDENCE in a feeble attempt to embarrass me. Did you honestly think I would come and KISS you for these lies and crap?
Get with the real world dude.   

Some of the FACTS . For the record I read that before one files a report that you have to ASK the person if he has an official agent. this I did as was my right. For doing the correct thing, JOE twisted it into a threat, but despite repeated questions from me he was unable to explain how a request was a threat especially as it contained NO demands. I even EXPLAINED my INTENT by stating that it was NOT a threat nor a demand. Any person has the right to file a report to get defamatory or dangerous material removed.

Here is a copy of my REQUEST to Joe please explain where it threatens you.

I have been asked to check with you if you have registered an agent
for the Notification of Claims of Infringement. I have checked with and cannot find any listed, as this may
not be up to date I am asking you if you have such an agent.

I am reluctant to go down this path and hope that as you have been
reasonable and fair in the past this will continue.
I sincerely hope that we can work together in a friendly and respectful manner

However I will take whatever steps I deem necessary to protect my
self and my wife and relatives, regardless of the cost in time,
money or effort.

This is NOT a threat nor a demand, but a request for your assistance
in doing the correct thing by your members.

We are both mature adults and we should be able to resolve this matter as such.
Thank you. AL.

Some of Joes reply-

We will not remove a LINK to twitter, a link is not something you can
claim ownership of. I suggest you contact an attorney as to what is
and is not your intellectual property.

Further because of this threat I have decided to end your membership
with JUOT effective 9PM EST today. You are hear by warned any attempts
to get around this ban will be considered harassment and may be
reported to your ISP.

If you have any further need for communication you can use the
"Contact Us" form.

Further because of this threat I have decided to end your membership
Joe I thought you posted that it was because of my reporting posts. So why are you lying Joe?

THIS however IS a threat: From JOE:
You are hear by warned any attempts
to get around this ban will be considered harassment and may be
reported to your ISP

I'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and hope he changes his attitude."
"And yet I can't act on anything because it would be unprofessional for me to do so,"

SO based upon his previous lies should I trust him?

Then I log into JUOT after breaking NO rules and see this.
"You have been banned for the following reason:
Because of your lack of professionalism.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Please note continued attempts to use this forum while banned can be
considered harassment and abuse and may be reported to your Internet
Service Provider abuse department."

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So lets take it further. I am also a member on AMB run by Max who is a good friend of JOE"S
Again having broken NO rules there.

How strange that at the SAME time I find that I have been put on a moderation queue there despite the fact that I have NOT breached any rules there. Any connection JOE? Or just another example of your LIES and "Professionalism "

Joe What is this code for. #ixzz1dU2MJBQ4 ? I will have one of our techs check it out in case it is viral.

DRE. Joe has a habit of not replying to me, Several of my messages to him have gone unanswered. As he cannot deny any of my posts as they are all true. So it is not unusual for him to read my messages and not reply.

I think it would be safe to assume he is talking about me as he has falsely accused me of trying to get him fired.
I think it would be highly unlikely for two seperate people to be accused of the same thing at the same time.
Possible but unlikely.

I would be interested in seeing him deny the facts and the truth as I have posted, and to deny his own words.   

Well lets see him post and deny it is about me. I am 99% sure he is talking about me but he may not have seen my posts yet. so I will give him a chance to answer them, as I do not wish to be seen harrassing anyone.   

Joe it is a shame that you are now a proven and certified liar and a person of no integrity.
You are too afraid to discuss anything with me because I have only posted the absolute truth. And you cannot deny any of my posts as they are FACTS. You lie to your members and mislead and deceive all you come into contact with.

You parrot the crap of others and say:
"you do an excellent job of proving to others you are nuts every time you make a post."
Yet seven websites have seen fit to promote me to mod, supermod or admin, and others have admitted me to their trusted private forums. Why is this Joe, are they all wrong, or are they run by decent honest people, unlike JUOT and AMB.

Joe, why do you actively support scammers and cheats on your website?
Why do you ban people for reporting them when they post links to viral websites?
Why do you promote illegal cashbaiting on your website?

Joe, why do you support the very scammers who cause untold hardship and heartache to their innocent victims?
Some even commit suicide, yet you see fit to support these scammers, Why is this Joe, are you one of them ?   

No problem. I hold you personally no ill will, and your personal well being is not connected to your internet life as far as I am concerned. but I will not allow you to attempt to destroy my online reputation by lies and twisting the truth.
Many times I have tried to discuss matters sensibly with you to our mutual advantage but you never reply.

Instead you seem to listen to those who are smearing me, because I expose them as crooks. You are the owner of Juot and you pay the bills, so you do as you see fit, but you will be held accountable for your actions when they are based on lies and falsely accuse me of things. I tried to help Juot and report things that were dangerous for it, but you banned me for trying to help you. And then lied to everyone about the reasons as you were in the wrong. I expected more from you.   

If you make things private are they excluded from adsense so they do not count ?