Thursday, August 18, 2011

work out who to dogpile on just for laughs.

That is the correct thing to do as to attack me personally without any evidence whatsoever is not the act of anyone who I would want as a member let alone a mod.

I had never done anything wrong to him when he decided to join in and attack me, along with the other rantr's who are in their hidden forums, that work out who to dogpile on just for laughs.

Steve you attacked me with vile untrue accusations in public, now it is time for you to apologise and set the record straight also in the same public forums.

No ADMIN. Steve needs to apologise publically to me on here and rantr for calling me a disgusting and defamatory name without any proof whatsoever

To call someone that when it is obviously untrue and he knows it is untrue, is the act of a low life. And definitely unworthy of a mod on ANY forum.

He needs to apologise and set the record straight, THEN we will talk
Cool cake. Nice one dude.

Got it in one bro. LOL.

Moving your bowels in the toilet is not a big accomplisment for most people, but for me it is. I am basically welded to the toilet seat now, monitoring websites from there with my iPad.