Saturday, August 27, 2011

Manchy is the innocent victim and I have again spoken the truth !

My goal has not altered one iota from what I have always stated it was:
To expose the alliance admins for the liars they are!
I have never varied from this and I never will!
I have told you and others this many times, I suppose eventually it will sink in!
Oops no double spacing does this mean I am now someone else and not WT?
Bruce, many of your posts have had a theme, that I have to provide proof, not just a post as you say it could be altered! And that you are concerned with innocents not being hurt via wrong accusations!
Now is the time to test this, I have given you proof of the chat and also asked the admins to verify it, via the chat logs. (Would I do this if it did not happen? )
I have also supplied a copy to a lot of people and you also have my word that it is true , but more so you now have the word of Manchy as well! Manchy has never been my best buddy but he has never as far as I know threatened any one with harm! so he has my respect! You know him of old so I presume you trust his word?? Combined, this is more than adequate proof that the chat did take place as it has been reported!

Therefore Manchy is the innocent victim and I have again spoken the truth ! So stick by your principles and support, either an investigation by the admins or the removal of the mod who did this disgusting thing!

Unless you can give me evidence that this is a big 'prank' or some other reason, I expect you to do the right thing, if as you say, you are a man of integrity!

What difference does it make if anyone lied about anything or not?

It makes a lot of difference to those who have been victimized by these lies and are not in a position to defend themselves!
Like noobs or people who have families and have been threatened with lies and twisting of their words! (there is a perfect example posted on Ranter!) or innocent members whose only crime was to work hard to build the sites, but fell foul of the ego's of those in positions of power just like goodi is doing here!
If the people who are doing this are shown that they cannot get away with it scott free then they may think twice about hurting other innocent members!

Why don't you put your considerable efforts into starting a website of your own to rival theirs?

I have and it is so far ahead of these guys sites it is not funny!

I hope that this answers your questions! as you see if reasonable questions are asked without the abuse etc by reasonable members, then they will reciece reasonable answers! If people treat others as fools when asking, then they will be treated as fools in return!