Saturday, August 6, 2011

the chance of a lad actually doing anything against you is remote

I have been sitting in my own filth all day and my Malaysian nurse doesn't fucking care.

Nice one. Sounds like it may be time to set up another user name and bait him all over again while winding him up with your present name.

He may like to explain to you what he is talking about and so waste more of his time.

You could always tell him that your PC has been hacked and you noticed some bad emails being sent in your name, has he received any of them ?

@Rocketeh. Welcome to TSB. While the chance of a lad actually doing anything against you is remote, we never deal with any lad who has any of our real details.

It is best to drop him if he has any of your details. and it would also be wise to change your passwords regularly and run some AV scans.

Not many lads are savvy enough to gain access to your pc and many will threaten without any teeth to back them up, but again why take the risk.

Set up a spare Gmail account with a nick name and remain anonymous, then you can wind the lads up to your hearts content.

The idea of wasting a lads time and resources is a sound one. So bait safe and give them hell.

She is a busy little scammer. here is a link to some of her scams, it will be interesting to see if you get the same photo's from "Her"

As lizzy says just take it slow and you can keep asking her questions to get her off script.

Bubba says Happy Birthday and thanks for sending him all the fresh meat.

One of the lads got quite excited to hear about your Birthday.

Congratulations. J women ROCK.

Kit Kat is correct and both sites are down.