Wednesday, August 3, 2011

funny, then evolved into being hilarious.

Can you recommend to the members any image adjusting programs that are easy for new people to use?

Gimp for example is good but needs time to learn.

Thanks, the youtube tutorial seems like the way to go.

One of the duties of a moderator is to help the site, NOT to insult members for no reason.
It seems to me that you are a poor choice for the position.

And by doing so you show yourself to be an idiot.

There are ample posts to show what Soyl is up to, yet you seem to form an opinion and insult members based on a lack of knowledge.

Why not ask Soyl why his ISP dropped him?
Why not ask him how a site we know had their securirty compromised despite having multiple firewalls.

No Joe I was NOT involved. Look elswhere.

Does he usually have a problem answering for himself, or do you do it for him all the time?

There are some hilarious videos posted on rahstyles including this one. Soyl seems to be pissed about having this one posted. I think it is hilarious.

I find this hilarious, The fact that he lost his ISP due to hacking, strikes me as quite amusing even hilarious, even a little bit of justice, however due to your closed idea's maybe it started off being mildly amusing and then progressed to being funny, then evolved into being hilarious.

As usual you are wrong, many documentaries are funny. Humour is not the same for everyone, so it is correct for me to think something is hilarious while you may think differently.

I even find it amusing, that you and some others are unaware of how you are being used and actually encourage those who hack into your pc's and websites. Even to the extent of criticizing and posting against anyone who alerts you to this. Truly this is comedy at its sickest.