Monday, August 1, 2011

the most despised and hated site of its kind in the history of anti scam sites

Says Nurse Nasty, who as an admin presided over the largest drop in membership ever seen on the Twinkie site, helping reduce it from the largest of its type to a poor second and turning it into the most despised and hated site of its kind in the history of anti scam sites. Tell us again why we should listen to you.

You are in luck, I have some more. It is one cool train.

New Japanese trains. Cool.

Good funny post Alex. Thanks for a good laugh.

Sorry, we do not have any member here with that user name.

Again we do not have any one here with that title
super duper moderator
nor anyone called adimin.

You do seem to get confused a lot.

However Soyl you may like to explain why your last ISP evicted you.

Maybe they do not like hackers as customers?

Incorrect I do not hate anyone. for you I just feel great pity. Why were you pushed out of twinkie town? Your last visit=Tuesday june 21st 2011 @4.57 AM

Why did you step down twice as admin on there? or were you pushed out.

Or did the commissions dry up?

Even as a mod you were allowed into the admin room

If you are who you state, then you were an admin on there.      

Why did you leave after the hostile take over by rover?

Incorrect i have answered many questions but of course you and the other lackeys choose to ignore them . it makes no difference, i will continue to expose you and your site for the scamming they do

As the financial state of the USA affects many countries including Australia what is happening there?