Monday, August 1, 2011

As well as Harley Davidson motor bikes.

I think the main export is minerals. Australia has a lot of minerals, iron ore, copper, uranium, geriatric assholes, etc.

Australia imports a lot of products including tools, machinery, and industrial sewing machines and leather working tools etc From The USA. As well as Harley Davidson motor bikes. Mostly we're just a bunch of drunken asssholes who ride motorcycles and go online to lecture people about scams and the like.

It affects Australia in many ways. A lot of our import and export is done in US dollars and so we are connected to the US dollar. When I send money to Nigeria, it's always in US dollars.

As the financial state of the USA affects many countries including Australia what is happening there? And where is my walking stick? I like to have it nearby for when I try to stand up and take a shit in my diaper.