Tuesday, August 21, 2012

for showing that what I say is accurate and truthful.

It is greatly amusing to see the idiots on AMB try to tell TT that My information is wrong, even though everything I have told him has proven to be accurate by me. I have been pasting completely unaltered text that I did not write myself.

For a long time I have been saying that the idiots on sites like AMB are planning to taunt and defame their fellow members who are not in the private area.

Want proof? lets look at how stupid yet another of the idiots is, namely "Jesus H Christ" AKA Gunnar rea.
Here is a copy of one of his posts admitting that my claims are valid. I did not alter or invent any of this, it's all true and I got it from the private area of AMB. I am not in the private area of AMB, but this is what was posted there. I would never make any of this up just because it plays into the narrative I've been spinning for the last few years.

"That's one way, but it's doomed to fail - if Tommy has already received info then he's going to keep using it, he doesnt have the control not to - Whoever he's receiving it from may also supply it to others if he feels threatened or thinks its going to make us more annoyed

A possibly more reliable way, is to taint what he has making it useless. If he receives something anonymous claiming to be from a disgruntled ex-AMB/Ranter etc, full of details, some of which he can check but in no way relating to anyone here, then it really should fuck up his fun. Max/Warhawk can ban him for posting any of it to show it's authenticity, we can cry out every time he uses it, whilst at the same time laughing at him for using it.

For the people's info that he already has started using, the info should also contain a bit of that so that it has the taste of authenticity

It's an idea. I might create my Mrs being pissed at me for cheating and has now started a smear campaign against me. Send him some fake details and pics etc "

Lets see him now show what a totally stupid twit he is, by posting another beauty.


"How the fuck does that work out????

I tell you what, if Tommy is not banned upon my triumphant return, then YOU havent been doing your job properly!

Now get your lazy spotty ass in gear and start drumming up some hobo lies"

Thank you Gunnar, for showing that what I say is accurate and truthful.

Jesus, my diaper rash is getting worse.