Sunday, August 26, 2012

I only post what is clearly a lie

No I only post what is clearly a lie, yes, after over five years of a concentrated smear campaign against me for exposing scammers, I told ONE lie saying that the photo that was stolen from my pc by a hacker was not me and then i did make a genuine mistake saying that another site was bigger than juot. yet YOU allow a known hacker and liar who has been proven to post viral links on your website to remain as a member and you allow him to post the innocent mans details alongside MY photograph.Tell me how this fits in with your TOS? *

Yes but why is he using MY photograph and ascribing the many posts of mine that he copies and posts out of context, to this innocent man who has nothing to do with any of this? *

I have used the internet name of Alan James for many years, BUT I have NEVER NEVER  NEVER  NEVER  NEVER EVER used it with the surname of Watson except for all those times I have. Have a good look Joe, at how I have been stalked and harassed for over five years because I have the guts to expose the hackers and scammers. do you really think that it would be a wise move to let them have my real life details and so put my loved ones at risk? Maybe you have not seen the chopped kiddy porn magazine that had an ex eater members face put on and then distributed to people who knew him, as well as having it plastered all over the internet,and sent to his employers? or the admin who had her photo chopped onto the cover of a slut magazine along with her real name? But never mind eh Joe, you are happily supporting these guys. Maybe until they turn on you? *

Yet I have only posted the facts and the truth on here, if it makes the people uncomfortable who lie then this is good*

* Odd that you have not asked me to provide proof, Strange how I stated that Soyl had been evicted from some hosts for hacking and that SOYL HIMSELF AGREED. What was that you said about credibility? *

* you can rest assured I will. I have had crunktimes evicted from their host for threatening me, I have had the free free site closed down that was run by soyl for harassment. However you would probably say that was all in my head. yet if you go to the site you will see for your self the notice from the host.

To sum up I am happy to talk to you in a reasonable manner as I offered to before, However on that occasion you stopped answering me, and hid behind the ban button , so I took the truth to this site and some others. is the truth so hard for you to talk about? I am sorry if the truth on many things cannot be seen by you. Apart from the two examples above, I have only ever told the truth. It is up to you to ascertain the validity of things for yourself.

@Joe why did you contact me? if it is to make peace, then posting insults is not a real good way of doing it.

Neither is allowing soyl to post using my real life photo as his avatar on your website, after it was stolen from my PC by a hacker and is being used without my permission. I consider that to come under PI rules, don't you?

Neither is allowing him to post a link to my old blog under that avatar, that was taken over by the same hacker and my password changed. Strange how they are in the possession of soyl who you seem to indicate is not a hacker and who you support so avidly.

So what is the reason you contacted me?

That boy Max is about as sharp as a cue ball. I is sure Primera real estate wud not be happy with him.