Friday, August 10, 2012

I must run out and buy more diapers soon.

Are you having problems Chandy ? Maybe people are beginning to find out what you are doing.

Gone all quiet eh Chandy? Not such a good idea to post crap when the victim can strike back.

The site looks ok to me except for the colour. A site like this should be exciting and visually cool. The dark colour is depressing. ( just my personal opinion)

A bright colour with interesting things seems the way to go. Otherwise depressed fucks like me can only taste the barrel of a gun.

You obviously have put some effort into getting it going, why not make it visually exciting for your members? Some cock pictures would be nice too. A nice big giant cock right on the front page will bring in loads of visitors

@huskermax. Shows as-
Blackhole Address
Internal to a network or a router.

You may find it hard to get any more info from it unless you have very advanced (expensive) programs. Pm me for ways of hacking these programs because I am too cheap to buy them myself

Oops I shit my pants again. I must run out and buy more diapers soon.

RFC 1918 reserves several ranges of network addresses for use on private network in IPv4: – Is included.

You can Try a Google search on the email used to register.
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