Sunday, August 12, 2012

Facebooking with Tommy Tooter using my alias Gbenga Jones

  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg · 23 subscribers
    3 hours ago near Austin, TX · 
    • who knows anything about this? i'm just too much of an idiot to know what to do. i already sent them all my fucking money.

      Natural Mysttic

      That internet site is actually messing up right this moment and mailing out the brand new iphone 5 to the general open public for
      totally free...instead of just to their beta testers. It will probably last only until eventually 1th! Tomorrow!!
      Although you should urgent just before they shut it.

      This is what I did:

      Follow these guidelines just to acquire one particular for yourself:
      1. Go to iphone5forfb . com
      2. Enter your electronic mail
      3. Input your shipping address
      4. Hang on 3-5 business days to obtain it in the postal mail!

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      Thomas Jay Wasserberg
      3 hours ago
      Thomas Jay Wasserberg

      who the fuck are you and why are you bringing me into what is probably a phishing scam? you're not even listed in the facebook directory.
      3 hours ago

      Mail Delivery Failure

      how many times can i respond to phishing scams before i look like a complete twat?
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        • Stephen Dunning there's a natural mystic blowing through the air...
          2 hours ago · 
        • Thomas Jay Wasserberg this one has a double-t
          2 hours ago ·  · 1
        • Gbenga Jones The site is viral. SpamhausDBL DETECTED
          MyWOT DETECTED
          You are a complete twat, Tommy.
        • Gbenga Jones Please do some AV scans . it is a phishing scam site. Did you get my BM? I sent you a BM.
        • Thomas Jay Wasserberg thanks, big guy. do you know how to report this? i can't find any report button on the message. yes, i'm that stupid.
        • Gbenga Jones Domain: (More Options →)
          Length: 16 characters
          MD5 Hash: 15d2c0aaad3e9c3cb1986a8074aaa376
          Zone: com
          ISP: YabaMedia Ltd
          ...See More
        • Gbenga Jones It has been reported many times but may be a rogue ISP? Just kidding, I run those sites as subdomains of AFI, my super anti-bad-guy forum where I hack Nigerian email accounts, which is ok to do because they're a bunch of dumb niggers.
        • Gbenga Jones testandthenkeepiphone5 .info IP blocked. Russian Federation Russian Federation DETECTED (4)
 At least two sites involved. Nobody knows they're mine.
        • Thomas Jay Wasserberg go get 'em tiger. i've got a cucumber up my ass the size of a football player's arm. hang on, that is a football player's arm. not sure where the cucumber went.
        • John Schulien I'm going to go way out on a limb and predict that no one is going to get a free iphone 5 this way.
          about an hour ago ·  · 1
        • Gbenga Jones you could try ??
        • Gbenga Jones The sites and IP have been blacklisted. Any one who used windows and who clicked on any of the links, please do some AV scans, as your security has been compromised by this.
          Don't worry Tommy, you really are a complete twat and everybody knows it. Carry on you dirty hobo.