Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two views of Tommy Tooter

I just want to look at what I wrote earlier about Tommy Tooter, and then what somebody else wrote, somebody who actually knows him personally.

  • Gbenga Jones Sadly there are many morons who do things for their own agenda and not for the common good. Dude you are a good person surrounded by a lot that are not in the same class as you. Take care for the world needs people such as you.
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    • Dave Cortez You are a sad, sad man. And you contributed jack shit to anything in Occupy except the time you knocked that little girl out of her stroller and showed the rest of us what a fool you were, so, saludos you misogynistic wad.

      @katzen and othe's what your boy wrote:

      "the next time you verbally assault me, i'm reporting you to facebook. i merely suggested that a group sex session with the hells angels would do her some good. she took it rather well, i thought. you seem to be the sexually repressed one, toots. when was the last time somebody gave your clit a good tongue lashing? do you prefer men or women? i'd be glad to arrange something for you if you don't know how to make yourself attractive enough for somebody to want to ravish you.

      2 hours agoThomas Jay Wasserberg
      you're a sick bitch. fuck you . i did not read more than the first line. go kill yourself and put the world out of your misery.

      that was not forced or fake. two people i like and respect convinced me that i should, so i did.

      you're a self hating ugly miserable bitch. stay the fuck away from me.

      2 hours agoThomas Jay Wasserberg
      now i've read the whole thing. you've got to be the most sexually repressed cunt i have ever met. how dare you get on me for anything when you use the kind of language you use to me."

      stay classy tooter.
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Yup, I'm an asshole. Just wanted to make that clear. Class-A stupid head-up-my-ass fuckhead.

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