Friday, August 17, 2012

Tommy talking to the FBI recently.

I can say with a pretty good degree of certainty the second person posting as Goodi is not the real Goodi. The third person posting as Goodi could be him. The fourth person is suspicious. But the fifth person is definitely not him. The OP however could have indeed been the real Goodi as this is the first time that person has posted here, the ip location is correct, and he has no d00ls here. I just wish the user here known as 'the real goodi' would come back and speak up for himself. The user known as 'the other real goodi' should also come back. I would be just as happy not to see 'the real goodi's anus' again though. That was disgusting as he never shaved his nutsack and it was like seeing a younger version of Bert's goatse.

Goodi was called out but has run away. Apparently unable to back up his posts.

I also wish the real Tommy Tooter would come here and post some of the PI I gave him , he is worked up into a lather over his imaginary lawsuit. I keep feeding him shit all day and he keeps eating it. Here is a transcript of Tommy talking to the FBI recently.

FBI: Hello, FBI.
TT: I want report illegal activity like cashbaiting on the internet.
FBI: Hold please...Hey, that cashbaiting hobo's on the line again, the guy who's teamed up with the pants-shitter from Australia. Anybody want to take it?......Anybody?.....Shit.
TT: I can hear you.
FBI: Sorry, please hold.....Hey c'mon, somebody talk to the hobo. He's hilarious. Nobody wants this? He's calling from his hobo phone LOL.
FBI: Shit, the mute button doesn't work on this phone. Can I just hang up on the hobo?
TT: I demand to speak to an agent about cashbait----*click*