Saturday, September 3, 2011

when you hear "BOOM BOOM POW" it's not the BLACK EYED PEAS, it's me farting because I am extremely gassy

Keewl dude. I think he will like this one. LOL.

My diaper is full and my bald dome highly polished
So with the 'Clipper and the Mag' I'll put "Grimace in a Bag".........HAPPY MEAL!

Although Happy Meals make me gassy, that's ok in this instance
You really think that you're SICK AT RAP? Kid you're SPITS ARE WACK

I urinated better raps that you possess
Plus this KID'S A RAT, so it's "game over when I catch the snitch" like a QUIDDITCH MATCH

Yeah that makes no sense but let's move on, shall we?
When it comes to your girl, you know that I'm HITTIN IT, DAM!
She's unZIPPING MY PANTS while she on the phone with you like "Baby I'm BUSY JUST SCRAM"

I contracted genital warts from her, so apparently you are infected as well, we should all go see a doctor
You say you love her while she got my DICK IN HER HAND
Then I filled the bitch with more rubber than the [COLOR=#FFA500 !important]MICHELIN
You PACK NINES,BEAMS? Bitch you'd break your hand if you try to use the type of GATS I SQUEEZE
So when you hear "BOOM BOOM POW" it's not the BLACK EYED PEAS, it's me farting because I am extremely gassy after the Happy Meal
Kid your raps are TRASH,HORRID put him to sleep cause this CAT'S BORING
Plus my punches 'Tyson Strong' so like what he's 'Typing On' it's a WRAP FOR HIM (rap forum)

Bitch, I aint tryin to know how to use color tags so fuck that shit
Now pass me my Geritol and STFU cuz I'm watching motherfuckin Murder She wrote

Well Soyl. I suppose I should be flattered that you chose to copy and paste another of my posts from Rahstyles. At least this time you did say it was a copy and paste.

Wow, you must have thought it was good to copy it.

Shame you posted it as though it was yours. But that is what you do a lot of eh Soyl?

I am glad that Joe found some of it funny.

A check of the dates and times will show that I posted it first. ow:

The people who have been banned, were here deliberately to disrupt the forum. We do them a kindness in calling them trolls. They had an ulterior motive and only wanted to stop us from growing. As usual they have failed miserably and we are growing quite strongly.

A troll who is just here to be a smartarse is one thing, but to work together with others in a concentrated attack on Rahsyles will not be tolerated and they will not be allowed to succeed.

This very likely. It is wise to ONLY download any AV direct from the AV home page.

Please do not download from any pop ups
It is best not to click on any pop ups that say your pc is infected etc.

Also don't use 419eater as your password. That's what fucked me up a few years ago.