Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DRE I sent you a PM.

DRE I sent you a PM. For the record I am NOT posting anywhere as Alan James Watson. DRE I sent you a PM. And I have never posted using that name. DRE I sent you a PM. As it belongs to some one who is not connected to any of this as far as I am aware. DRE I sent you a PM. It is NOT my real name, despite Soyls and the eater morons desire for it to be me. DRE I sent you a PM.
The ONLY connection is that I do use "Alan James" as one of my internet user names.  DRE I sent you a PM.

As a baiter I use different names to bait the scammers with, and I chose short easy to type names, as I am a slow typer due to an illness I had that paralyzed me for a while, some time ago.

I have absolutely no idea where the surname of Watson comes into this, and even soyl cannot answer where it comes from.
This has not stopped them from harassing this guy and his family. Anyone who supports them in harassing an innocent man and scaring his children, after I have informed them of the truth is complicit in this despicable act.

I am currently not posting on any Blog nor twitter account.

Joe, as you have access to the Ip's of soyl and his various duals. And I have proved many times that he is copying my posts, (You have even admitted yourself that they are impersonating me.) Why not check the IP's to see who is who?

However for the record I post on the network as:

On the network I use = AMB =Big Al.

Juot I use = Big Al

8th legion I use = Bigal. At the time of registration the user name Big Al would not register for some reason, so I registered with Bigal.

I am active on several other sites, and I am a mod, supermod, global mod and admin on some of them, and some I am a plain member in good standing.

Now why not ask soyl the same question?

DRE I sent you a PM.