Monday, September 26, 2011

More abortions are needed !!

A very controversial subject. And here I am going to take a very controversial stance: Despite my limited knowledge about motherhood, I feel that the depression stage needs to be monitored for the safety of the mother and child.

In our society when one is mentally affected and commits murder they are often sentenced in light of their diminished responsibility brought on by their mental issues. It should be the same for a mother, who is under similar duress. Because motherhood turns many a woman into a raging cunt.

In the natural course of events, a mothers love for her child is complete, and if it goes awry then there is a reason. I would say the mother needs help, not a criminal sentence. Mayeb a swift kick in the vag.

Obviously every case is different, but the mental anguish and confusion encountered by the mother must be taken into consideration. When the depression is brought under control the mother then has her own conscience to live with and this in its self can be a life sentence, not unlike the guilt I sometimes feel for being a cashbaiter.

I think more could and should be done to recognise the symptoms, so a tragedy can be avoided.

On the other hand, fuck them. Don't have babies if you can't deal with it. Stupid twats. Next time I see a pregnant woman I am going to punch her in the stomach a few times to save the kid future anguish. It will also be fun to do.

And broads should pay for their own abortions. When the fuck did I become "the old guy I can borrow money from to get this thing sucked out of me."