Wednesday, September 21, 2011

eater members are doing a good job

Soyl. I have stated many times that most of the eater members are doing a good job. I am against the ones who steal money from innocent victims by cashbaiting and scamming them.

As I have opposed them now for many years and had the guts to stand up to them for all this time, how does this make me a coward?
It is YOU that is crawling and sucking up to them as you do not have the courage or integrity to resist them, Ergo YOU are the coward.

I have fought the scammers, whether they are form places like Lagos, INDIA or any of the other countries and also I am fighting them if they hide behind the cover of eater or scamwarners.

The ones who scam and betray the trust of victims are the real traitors, some even set up fake scam websites from places like India, Indeed one site even has 17 Indians as members involved in this immoral venture. I wonder who runs them?
Any idea's Soyl? Surely you could take a guess.

Do we know any techs or IT engineers who speak the language? I certainly don't speak it.
Maybe there is a little traitor and coward who does this. As a cover he may even impersonate any one who exposes him. Who Knows eh Soyl?

What's the difference between chopped beef and pea soup?
Everyone can chop beef, but not everyone can pea soup!

What do you call a bus load of niggers with one empty seat going over a cliff?
A damn shame.

One thing I hate about darkies is that they smell funny. WTF is up with that?