Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alan James Wxxc

Incorrect as usual wct097. As I have said many times, but you seem to have trouble understanding things so I will say it again for you.
Soyl has posted MY PHOTO alongside that of another person and said that it was me. The photo is of me, but the person whose name he uses alongside my photo is, as far as I know an innocent guy, who has no connection with me, apart from his first and middle name are the same as I use as a baiting name.

Yes I used a name taken at random as my user name for baiting scammers. Hang me for this if it makes you happy. But it will never alter the fact that Alan James Wxxc is not me.

Sorry if you have read this before, but time will not alter the truth. And I will not alter it as it is the truth.

Ok, as you have proved to be not too bright on many occasions I will say it again. The photo is mine as I have said many times, and it was stolen from my PC by a hacker, I have never posted it on the internet to be used on the web. And I have NEVER given anyone my permission to use or post it on the internet.

An unbiased mod or admin would have checked the facts before taking unwarranted actions and posting crap about a member.

The guy called Alan James Wxxx is NOT me, Now you all seem to be having some trouble with this, so I will state it again. My real name is NOT Alan Nor James Nor Wxxx. it is completely different to any of these names. GOT IT YET?

I ASKED FOR A TAKEDOWN AS YOU CALL IT, FOR THE PHOTO, NOT THE NAME. I THINK THAT MY PERSONAL PHOTO COULD BE CLASSED AS PERSONAL INFORMATION. GET IT YET?? The house he lives in is NOT mine and I have no connection to him in any way, except the use of the the common usage as a baiting name of the first and middle names as explained.

I asked for the link to a twitter account and blogs etc that had been set up by Soyl NOT I, for the express purpose of defaming me, To be removed and as it contained my personal photo, I considered this to be "personal Information" So I asked for it to be removed.
On Juot the rules ask that things like this are to be reported, so this is what I did.

Unfortunately I did not know at the time that you was not unbiased and I actually thought that you would do the right thing by your members And check it out with me if there was any query. Obviously I was mistaken in thinking of you as a reasonable mod.
Yes Big Al. As soyl has already registered as Big Al on 8th while doing another impersonation of me, I registered as Bigal.

Quite amazing that so many admins are kind enough to trust me enough to make me mod and super mod on so many forums. Proves a point eh?

The can see and understand that soyl and other morons are impersonating me and posting crap and outright lies, why can't you?