Thursday, September 29, 2011

It is strange that you cannot answer this question

Hey Max. Why are you afraid to answer? Such a simple question for a decent admin, but then you never were a decent admin were you? You were even snowed by the Ranter idiots and lost many good members because of it.
Your Main claim to fame was to try to increase flagging posts by lying about how you were going to close AMB down every few weeks or so. Yeah right, a very stupid move by an incompetent admin.

Tell me MAX, do the admins of the sites that you are trying to join your network know what a liar you are, and how you cannot even answer a simple question because you know you did the wrong thing and are too much of a coward to admit it?


It is strange that you cannot answer this question, as you well know you made a bad mistake in crawling to JOE to try to protect your precious piss poor network that every one considers a joke.

Your taint licking failed miserably with Crunktimes. What happened to them MAX? Were they EVICTED from their hosts for doing similar things that you are doing? Is this a loss for your feeble network ?

Overall we do not see a lot of them. there was an "outbreak' in the USA a couple of years ago concentrated in a small town and the FBI and LEO posted warnings about them.

The sad part is that they can create terror in elderly or distressed victims, this I think is why some baiters like to take them on.

I think they are not a very clever scam and the returns are not as good as other scams.

For some reason, the intelligence of the lads who do these always seems to be very low.

Maybe the scam is taken up by the "outsiders" or independent scammer wannabees?

If you receive any, please post them as there are some baiters who love to give these lads some TCL.