Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8thlesion success!!

I posted this "This was the right thing to do and the admin DRE is to be applauded for acting responsibly.

Soyl was in violation of several of the rules. He had already been banned for impersonating me before and had rejoined using an alias (violation)

He was spamming and trolling the forum (violation)

He was posting copies of my posts from other sites and spamming. ( violation)

By doing this he was attempting to harass me. ( violation)

Soyls sole intention was to mislead the members on here and on the network.

By taking the correct action and enforcing the rules, DRE has proven that he is a man of integrity and is acting as a responsible admin.'

Yes an admin that does the right thing is to be supported.

I hope he asks me to participate in some rap battles. I can just copy/paste some old ones like I did last time at rahstyles.