Sunday, September 25, 2011

I continue to make money by cashbaiting.

Happily I am now retired. I had my own business for many years working it seems like 24/7.
I now spend most on my time working on my anti-fraud site stopping scammers and helping their victims. I continue to make money by cashbaiting.

Retirement is great and I can now devote more time to being with my lady.

FBI press release. Hey SOYL how about you offer your comments on this? and how the website you support and recommend is involved in this. Tell us Soyl about the three members of said website who were arrested.
After all you recommend and fully support them even linking to them when you can and calling it YOUR site.

Come on Soyl tell us the user names of these three. Tell us about where some of the disgusting images came from.

How involved are you Soyl in this side of the website?

Hey SOYL, how many Indian does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Approximately 37

1 to check the lightbulb is actually broken

1 to get a chair to stand on

2 to fix the chair that is broken

1 to hold the chair

2 to go buy the new lightbulb, including one to drive the rickshaw and one to go into the shop

7 needed to sell the lightbulb, including fetching from the back, taking the money, writing the receipt, opening the door, checking your bags for weapons (or something) and a couple to hover and look busy.

1 to note that the power has gone out … AGAIN!

5 to go find a generator, get more fuel, fix it if broken, turn it on and tell the others when power is on

1 to get a candle while the power is out

1 to get matches to light the candle

1 to actually light the candle

1 to give all orders for the above

AND 1 to change the ruddy lightbulb!!