Monday, September 12, 2011

impersonating members

@will_m. The person who is posting as Alan James Watson is Soyl . He is using copies of my old posts out of context. As he has done on many sites and blogs . he seems obsessed with stalking me on many forums.

I have never aimed any defamatory posts against you, but I have pointed out many times that this is what soyl is doing. His sole intention is to deceive the members of the forums he is using, by posting as other people.

He has admitted to impersonating members on Juot and other forums and admitted that he is a liar and that he has mental issues, yet he is still allowed to post his utter crap. Are some admins that desperate for posts? It seems the answer is yes.

PS he just sent this via the chat system. "soyl: eat shit, bi Gal." he really is a very disturbed person.