Friday, February 14, 2014

top of the line technical marvel and called it cashbaiting

WHY? Why is acting this way? Just my thoughts on this. It seems that despite having 100,000, now less than 70,000 "customers" many will not be paying for anything. In my case I am running a cashbaiting operation and I can run it for life, so the financial return for me excluding updates and advertising is millions. I rip off so many suckers that I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills.

Now try to look at it from AFI side. How can they use this customer base to make money? They came up with an idea for a super dooper top of the line technical marvel and called it cashbaiting. Despite it not being ready, it appears to have been rushed out to counteract the appearance of a viable competitor.

BAD mistake. As I said at the time and so did many others more experienced than myself, it was ill conceived and unfinished.
It also failed to take into consideration the fact that not all the potential customers are technical whizz kids.

The answer was obvious, but totally overlooked by the powers that be in their haste to outdo the looming competition.
Let them work the answer out for themselves I for one do not feel inclined to enlighten them.

To increase the income, they came up with what in bean counters terms was a good idea, bundle AFI in with the others, so that if anyone wanted ANY AFI software they HAD to buy AFI. thereby boosting the numbers of people who were AFI holders. this would look good to those in power.

Again they totally missed the concept of what was needed.

What is really needed is more adult diapers because lately the feces just run out of me like my ass is a faucet.