Monday, February 24, 2014

just to defame me

A post was made saying that it may not be Joe and crew that is stalking me but the other way around. A reasonable assumption, so lets look at the subject a little closer.

On Joes website lets look at the most recent posts in the public section "Off Topic Light" Not counting the two at the top that are other types of posts, there shows 30 posts of these, 255 are commenting on or attacking me! That's a lot of posts and completely true.

As I have said many times, Joe is allowing his website to be used to harass, impersonate and defame me, ALL in violation of his OWN site rules and common decency. I would never do such a thing, except for those times when I do exactly that.

Lets now look at a new test website that Joe owns and has set up, apparently to test the new VBcloud system. "cyberpolice" The vast majority of posts are just to defame me and he even includes the name of a totally innocent guy. He is also allowing a guy known as Big Al (real name Alan James Watson) a known scammer and a person who was DEPORTED from Yorkshire as a sex pervert, to post on his website and even includes Alan's photo as his avatar to prove it is him.

I think that this and the defamatory comments by Joe on other sites clearly show he is allowing the stalking of me and is actively taking part himself.