Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Deported sex pervert

On a bad and viral site, which shall go unnamed, someone impersonating someone else claimed that I, Alan James Watson aka De Master Yoda aka Big AL had been deported from merry old England and sent to live out my waning days Queensland because I am a sex pervert not unlike Daniel Brenar, the sex pervert. This is not true. I came to this hell home of my own free will, and also to escape a few other shady business deals in Yorkshire, whence I hail.

How dare someone go around making unsubstantiated claims me, Alan James Watson, being a sex pervert like Daniel Brenar. It is outrageous. I have not thought of sex in 30 some years since being deported from England. These outrageous charges by scurrilous individuals must stop immediately! When I first read this I shit a brick. Not a literal brick though, that would be so much easier to dispose of. The brick I am talking about is metaphorical, but it was shit. I happened to be reading this when my anus lips flapped open and dropped a massive turd.