Friday, February 28, 2014

my fart has blown out of all proportion.

This is very possible. The farting has been going on for over seven years so there obviously is a lot you have not seen or smelled. I will show you what's in my diaper though so you can have a good idea because I'm sure you've never seen anything like this. Prepare to put a clothespin on your nose.

On some ways you are correct and my fart has blown out of all proportion. It also blew out my O-ring. All that is needed to stop it all is for Joe to comply with the rules of juot regarding impersonation and the posting of personal information. The lunacy comes into it when I refuse to do the decent and responsible thing.

Unless he is compromised and has to do the bidding of the scammers who are intent on stalking and harassing me, there is no logical reason for him to continue to defame me and to allow others to use his website to also defame me. His answer is that he is doing it because of my exposing him is a total farce, as he started to ban and defame me well before I started to expose him. Now I expose myself to the neighbors unfortunate enough to walk by my window while I squat down and shit on the lawn. That's why the grass is dead, I over fertilised it.

Unless he is being forced to comply with the wishes of the scammers, it is totally illogical for him to risk losing his reputation and income by being exposed on the internet, mainly over one stolen photo of me that cannot possibly have any meaning or benefit to him.

Clearly you have not seen his comments defaming me on many other websites like TheRanter, and Anothermessageboard, and many others. You have not seen his fake reviews on review sites where he falsely accuses me of being a scammer. Yet can post NO evidence as there is none. Make no mistake, he IS stalking and harassing me on many sites and blogs. You have not seen his comments where he falsely accuses a guy known as Tommy Tooter of stealing copper wire for his jewelry business and also harasses him.

 Yes Big Al is a real class act when you get to know the real Big Al.