Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let me ALsplain

Let me ALsplain something. I post mainly on My username there is De Master Yoda. I also use Gbenga Jones when I post racist stuff about niggers because then I can do it with impunity. I also use the name Alan James Watson on my blog and when I whine incessantly about an innocent man. Many of my posts you can see without having to be a member. That's right, I give it away for free. That's much more than it's worth. I and others spend our OWN money to run this site to aid victims. We fight scammers and those who steal from innocent victims. We also help where we can the victims of these scammers.
We also work to stop the scammers from hurting people. This is all imaginary, of course, but we need it as a cover for our real work which is cashbaiting. My car and pool didn't pay for themselves. And that wife with her shopping--don't get me sharted. I mean started.

Due to the fact that I have closed down many of the imaginary scam websites of the scammers (this pisses them off) they have mounted a smear campaign against me and defame me on many sites. But the real smear campaign against me is happening in my shorts. It's a mess down there.

I am also a staff member on another anti-fraud website. As Big AL. Hence I do have a LOT of posts elsewhere so people can hate me over a few sites.

I do not hate VB or IB, but as you can see, I try to scam others and the propaganda and deception fr0m VB in its many forms strike me as needing to be exposed like my genitals when the postman comes by the house. As I have said a few times, If they do the right thing, then I will be happy to give them a a load of man juice on the back but whilst they continue to do the wrong thing then they need to be exposed to my shriveled genitals.

I am quite happy to stand naked by the window and answer any questions you may have, as what I post on here is the truth and I am not hiding anything, with the possible exception of the details of confidential contacts. Yes this often gets up the nose of some people and they get upset.

Yes I stress the word " OWN" as one of the scammer supporters that posts here has accused me of taking money. Yet the fact is that I and other use our own money to intercept those westys.

I am an admin and a scrotum holder, so where is your problem.

I offered an olive branch that I removed from my ass, it is up to you whether you accept, it will not make any difference to my goals. It can go right back up my ass any time.

Kamala Harris is the California, Attorney general It seems.

Any report will back up some reports that have already been sent about reports reporting other reports that purport to report the reporters. I am not familiar with US law or anything resembling coherent thinking, but I am sure that shitting my pants on this scale is an offense.

As I understand it the attorney general has jurisdiction over organizations that operate in their state or area. if an organization like IB/VB is in breach of the law their license can be cancelled as I understand it. Considering how many seconds I spent misreading a wikipedia article, let's just go with that.

thewhatami asked about some one in the US reporting them for possible violations regarding false advertising etc. The attorney generals office is a good starting point.
I hope this ALexplains it for you.

I am sure there are also various other departments that deal with deceptive trade practices
(BBB. BBC, ABC, ABBA etc?) but as I say I am not familiar with the USA legal system. I do like ABBA though, and the BBC.

However many attorney generals have joined in the fight against crime on the internet. They wear capes and masks like I do whilst fighting crime.

Also a report I sent to Jerry brown as STATE AT was answered and he did not deny being the STATE AT. He only asked that I send him $5000, which I did immediately. Am still waiting to hear back from him. I've been jerking my flaccid weener all day waiting.

What does not make sense?

Let me know if this is incorrect as I am sure that wikipedia would like to know as would I.

By the way insults and personal attacks are not allowed as I am sure you are aware, you stupid cock-gobbling nigger.