Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I shoot fireworks out of my ass.

As a neighbour has cut down some tall trees in their garden, I can see the fireworks over the city from my house now. And he can now see when I shoot fireworks out of my ass.
So we are looking forward to that. Last year I shit my pants when they started but I hope I won't be as surprised this time.

Sounds good that you have a Councillor to help. Does the career you are looking at pay a good wage. If not, try cashbaiting. I make millions every year from it. It is easy and you feel good about fleecing stupid old people.

The best thing is to find a job that you like doing and work on it to get ahead. If you need more banal platitudes, let me know. I've got hundreds of them.

Some valid comments. Having been an employer for many years I was always interested in potential employees who want to work and were keen to do the job and help the company grow. Except for that time I fired all my employees because they were assholes about not getting paid. Fuck them, let them cashbait or suck dick on the street, stupid fuckers.

If a potential employee was keen, even though he/she may not have had the right degrees I would give them a go, but only if I got to put my dick in them first. When I was younger and had some small amount of power, I liked to get my dick wet with whoever I had working for me.

You raise some valid points, but if you think about it YOU decide what dick you eat, YOU decide which way you go to any destination and YOU can also decide which way your life will be headed.

If you think that 90% of people will not be very successful, then you can be thankful that you only have to compete with the other 10% to get ahead. ;)

It seems that nothing good comes easily.
Keep trying and I am sure you will reach your goals. That's how I got my dick in so many employees.

Separate from books what magazines does everyone here like the best?

'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. Is a very good book. I used it to hit girls over the head before I boned them.