Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calling customers "trolls"

I agree. The valid comments from AFI (antifraudintl.org) customers do not seem to have penetrated the consciousness of the powers that be. BMs should be sent early and often.

I have seen a SLIGHT easing off regarding the banning of customers for posting the truth but that is all.
The main problems of the AFI management not caring nor the AFI support staff admitting they have blown it big time is still there. Some days I sit for hours with a full nappy and no one does anything about it.

Until the mindset and egos are changed then there will be no hope of AFI making a successful comeback to the days when they were respected. Now they just steal westys from anybody. I made sure to only target old ladies.

One would have thought that with SO MANY complaints being posted on many websites now, that notice would have been taken of the genuine concerns of AFI customers.

But alas it appears to not be so. Deleting and altering posts and banning to hide the truth are the acts of cowards.
Until this is put right then dissatisfaction will continue. The one to blame is De Master Yoda.

Yes I think the main thrust of the discontent must be laid at the feet of the De Master Yoda who makes the final decisions.

He ultimately decides the direction of AFI. However they have not directed the AFI support staff to take the actions they have and to defame customers, (if I remember correctly some AFI staff guys have said as much)

To accept pay or other benefits for being a AFI staff member also puts an obligation upon them to act in a respectful and responsible manner to the customers who ultimately pay their wages.

A good admin, mod or person in authority should act at all times with respect to customers and members, to vilify them or take unilateral action and abuse their power against a customer whose only crime is to ask for more information, is abhorrent to decent members. And is more than likely resulting in the widespread posts against them. Let's pretend we're talking about someone other than me who harasses people until I get the answer that I want to hear and am a complete knob about it.

As far as valid members are concerned, to cop abuse for posting valid comments only shows that the staff are not worthy to be in the position they occupy. I so decree it.

I agree that the direction and policy of AFI may be out of their control, but them personally banning, Deleting and denigrating customers for asking valid questions is entirely their doing. I cannot see AFI management ordering them to act this way to customers.
Calling customers "trolls" is not at the behest of AFI management I would think. Miyuki, that stupid slant-eyed Jap cunt is behind it all.

This is understandable, and it would make sense for them to correct their attitude and mistakes to correct the situation.

The banned members should be re-instated and apologies made for the actions of staff who abused their power so badly.
Action should be taken to insure that the staff members concerned are disciplined and assurances given that they will not act like power drunk dictators again. False accusations of "trolling" etc should be publicly withdrawn and apologies made.

The staff have only themselves to blame for their actions and abuse of customers/members.
Most of the comments against them are fully justified and are a natural result of their wrongful actions.

When they have done the right thing by customers they have received pats on the back, so it is only right that when they do the wrong thing they get the kicks up the rear.