Sunday, January 19, 2014

now a hate site

I have better things to do than play with a confirmed LIAR, but I will not allow him to get away with posting continuous lies about me or other members. LOL, just kidding, I really don't have anything better to do.

Sadly is now a hate site. The owner, Alan James Watson, aka De Master Yoda, aka Gbenga Jones, posts copies of stolen photographs to denigrate people. In violation of his own rules. Then he urinates on people, in violations of the rules of decency.

He allows self confessed hackers and scammers to impersonate others by using their stolen photograph as their own and to post copies of other peoples posts as their own. He even uses the name Gbenga Jones on Facebook because he is too scared to let his true self be known.

He is a staff member on and has abused that position to steal confidential information and post it in public on his website.

Please be careful about giving him any of your personal information, as he is likely to post it in public to defame you as he has to others.

This is not why I have spent the last week in a mental hospital. I was there for other reasons.