Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the bitterness of your lies will continue to eat away at you.

Another VB staff member BirdOPrey5 responds to a comment on TAZ that another member will never pay him another cent ever again and says he has lost all respect for Joe. Joe answers as below.

Honestly Joe, it would be best if you did not post while on medication for your disability. Some of your posts are not in touch with reality any more. I would know as I haven't been on handshaking terms with reality for many years.
Joe you have to take responsibility for your own actions, You will NEVER be vindicated for lying or twisting the truth to denigrate others falsely. When you sell your integrity for money, then your reputation and that of AFI goes out of the window.
You continue to do both yourself and AFI massive damage, until you set things right, the bitterness of your lies will continue to eat away at you. 

Joe after having been paralysed myself for a while, I can understand the problems it can bring and how you can easily become disenchanted and bitter with the world that treated you so cruelly, but when you take this out on others it will always backfire on you. Take notice of what people are now saying about you, they do it because it is the truth. 
If you continue on your present path it will destroy AFI, yourself and could also affect your loved ones as they too could be drawn into this. 

Your actions are bringing AFI and your colleagues on AFI into great disrepute AFI. Eventually the AFI piper must be AFI paid.