Saturday, January 11, 2014

never stolen from my PC by a hacker

Obviously a lot of effort has gone into antifraudintl to reach this milestone.
I am very dubious that it will survive until its tenth anniversary, now that it is being run by scammers and hackers who now seem to be controlling it.

When a site lets the scammers impersonate others and post defamatory posts to defame others in violation of its own rules, then it is headed for failure.

"No venture can long endure unless built on the twin pillars of truth and honesty"

I would much rather be a BELIEVER than a belieber. :rolleyes:

PROVE it! remove all the crap that the scammer has posted while impersonating me and remove totally my photograph that was never stolen from my PC by a hacker, the picture I sent to someone I thought I could trust, but turns out I could not as she sent it to other people. But you cannot, as your scammer bosses have dictated to you what you can do. Your scammer bosses being the imaginary people someone emailed me about as a joke to see how stupid and gullible I am. Turns out I am as stupid and gullible as they thought. 
Prove me wrong Joe, I am calling you out on this, do the right thing and remove all the crap as requested. Do what I say even though I will do nothing in return and I will continue to act like a complete douchebag.

Until this happens, then you are just working for them and do NOT control

Joe I am not overly intelligent, but I do have faith in the saying " By their DEEDS ye shall know them"
not by what they say, but by what they do! Lets see you remove the derogatory posts and the photo of me that are in violation of your own rules. Let's see you submit to my extortion attempts. Let's see you agree to petulant terms from a petulant old man. Let's see that.

Until this happens then you do NOT control antifraudintl, but are allowing the scammers to dictate what will and what will not be posted. Maga go pay now ooooooooooooo

This will decide if antifraudintl survives as a worthy site and can be a factor in whether the site is still around in another five years.

I doubt I will be around that long as I am old as fuck and clinically brain dead at this point.