Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a smear campaign

Hi. Just an introduction. I fight scammers and for over seven years I have been stalked and harassed by some scammers whose scam websites I helped close down. There is no proof I have done this, just take my word for it.

This seems to piss them off so much that they have engaged in a smear campaign against me. I fully expect them to follow me here to continue their lies and vendetta.

Some site owners have been bribed, threatened or paid off by these scammers to join in with this victimization, one such is the owner of antifraudintl.org. De Master Yoda, who is a staff member for vBulletin and has stolen confidential information sent by me to Vb support, to post in public on his website to defame me.

He makes a big issue of banning me from his website and uses various lies to justify this, The main reason I was banned was for reporting a self confessed hacker and scammer for impersonating me as the antifraudintl rules ask that such things be reported.

After being in financial difficulties he was suddenly ok and had money!! This was around the same time that he changed and after banning the scammer for impersonating me he suddenly started to support him. Indeed he has actually posted a stolen photograph of me without my permission. I got the information about his financial situation from a totally reliable source--someone emailed me out of the blue and told me. Why would he lie? HE WOULDN'T, THAT'S WHY.

He is allowing the scammer/hacker to post copies of my old altered posts and to use my stolen photograph despite this being in violation of his own rules. This is the photograph:


I have asked him many times to abide by his own rules, but he refuses, so has left me no choice but to expose his unethical actions. It is ok for me to post this photo because it is me.

He is disabled and so I have given him a lot of leeway, but now it seems the medication is affecting his mental abilities, indeed quite a few of his peers are commenting on his obsession and vindictiveness and are now questioning his mental abilities. And even his own mods are unhappy with the crap he is allowing to be posted about me.
A very high percentage of the posts on antifraudintl.org in the public section are attacks on me. This is easy to check, the imposter is using the name of Alan_James.

Now lets see more of the unproven crap the scammers and their lackeys come back with.

This is only fair. I can back up everything I say. Whereas the other guy can only post lies and crap, when it gets too hot for him he runs away and hides.

I am currently going through some of my records so I can post lots of proof of what I say.

Meanwhile if you like you can check out the posts that are altered copies of my old posts made by "Alan -James" who is in fact an Indian guy who is a self confessed hacker and scammer called Alan James Watson. He also posts as "Soyl" and other user names.

You can clearly see that "Alan James Watson" is using one of my current usernames of " De Master Yoda" under his avatar. I have used this name now for many years on my hacking website AFI.