Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I am a forum admin. on a few forums.

@Lizard King thanks for your post. To answer it:
He sees most of my posts, as they are stolen and posted on his website by a self confessed scammer and hacker he protects who is impersonating me, some are altered but some are not. A simple search on his website will show many copies of my posts, all posted without my permission, quite a few stolen from this very site.

Currently I am receiving threatening emails from the scammer using Brandons name and the address of admin-talk.
As he us now impersonating Brandon and AT. ( I have informed Brandon as this is the correct thing to do)

He is free to answer on here if he wishes as far as I am aware.
The posting of the truth may be classed as 'unrespectful" but what about his posts that are downright lies and designed solely to denigrate me and another guy called TT who he also defames? 

As it says in my sig: "He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it." Seneca.
He has been given ample opportunity to set the record straight and do the right thing but he refuses.

I have many times respectfully asked him, I have pleaded, I have explained, I have shown good faith by offering to remove all and any of my comments exposing him, I have even apologized for slight perceived offenses, for him to do the right thing but all to no avail, so he leaves me no option but to expose his actions.

Many, many times I have offered to discuss things with him but he usually runs away as he has done on AT as well.

I appreciate all the members patience and now he is exposed on well over thirty other sites so far, So I do not need to post a lot about him on here. Thanks.

Re " If you have any suggestions now is the time to post them. I will look at any and all recommendations that you make." Can the restrictions on mentioning one of the trio of fail be removed ? IE he who cannot be named, but who is a support staff guy on AFI.

One of the best features of AT has been the ability to post openly and not have to suffer the censorship displayed by AFI, this seems to have fallen by the wayside recently.

It is a bit ridiculous that we can openly discuss Mark B and Paul M, but one unethical guy cannot be mentioned under threat of a temp ban.

Obviously posting his personal details is not on and this I have not done. Even though he has posted in public his real name. image and other details so these are public knowledge. He has voluntarily chosen not to post on AFI, but as far as I am aware he still can. So he can easily defend himself or put his point of view, an opportunity he denies others.

I would ask that the threat of a temp ban be lifted. If we can openly (within the rules) post and comment about Paul M and Mark B then why not this other AFI support staff member, he is no different.
Indeed by his proven actions he could be classed as worse than either of the other two.

One of the most respected things about Americans is their ability to allow free speech, are we now to be denied this 'right" despite not being American ? No, I don't understand what 'free speech' means in the American context, so I will just throw it out there any time I feel aggrieved.

Thank you for your quick reply. Re: "One final thought. This is after all a forum for forum admins after all."

This I am aware of, and I am a forum admin. on a few forums. I own the VB license for a quite large forum. Proof has been provided to Brandon earlier.

I have at no time said that he cannot post indeed I said that as far as I am aware he can post here if he chooses.

If it is for admins then admins need to be able to post freely within the confines of the rules.

Re: " I also will never tolerate disagreements from other sites to spill over here. If it happened somewhere else where you might have been banned because of it then don't bring it here because the person you had a disagreement is here."

Many, many posts here, are in connection with disagreements with AFI  that are spilling over to here, many posts are in regard to customers having been banned on AFI presumably by AFI support staff who are members here.
These have been allowed to be posted, but now it seems that one unethical AFI staff member is excluded from having the truth commented on?

As you say this is a forum for admins, how can it be a viable forum if admins cannot comment on topics relevant to the continued well being of their forums?

If falsehoods are posted then I agree they should be removed, but when the absolute truth is posted and can be backed up, then to restrict them is wrong. ( within the rules of course)

Re: " If you don't agree with what he posted then disagree in civil manner." I have ALWAYS been civil, I have posted the truth and I can understand that this may be uncomfortable for some, I have not pulled my punches but stuck to the facts and I have not used bad language or profanities. Ergo I have been civil. Can you tell I failed logic as a subject in school?

I can see no problem with posting the truth about the actions of people whose conduct affects us as admins of our own websites, even if that truth is half-assed and in many cases complete fabrications sent to me by anonymous sources who make shit up just to see me look like a bigger dumbfuck than I already am.

This is all I am asking for, that within the boundaries of the rules that I and other be allowed to post the truth that some random person emailed me.
So can I use the guys name without being denied free speech by receiving a temp ban? You have not answered this so far.

I am aware that it is your house and as you pay the bills you call the tune, however along with that comes some responsibilities, mainly not to abuse it. This is why I am ASKING the questions so we all know where we stand.

You state: "Freedom of Speech is one of them unless it is abused." While the term "abuse" can have many connotations
I feel that as long as comments are true and not in breach of any current rules then threats of bans are out of order.

So again I ASK, can the threat be lifted so I can at least use the guys name without fear of being victimized for it?

I am responding to YOUR request for recommendations, I am responding in a respectful civil manner, so I feel the question is valid.

BM sent thanks. I have copies of emails, messages, posts and some admissions by those involved. I save all my full diapers too as they are equal value.

I can PROVE the lies posted by you know who in his OWN words.

I have forwarded a tiny amount of the proof I have. I am willing to send more if you wish. Please ask about any of it if you are uncertain, I will not hide or run away when questioned as I am only posting the truth on AT.