Wednesday, October 12, 2011

violation of that felony criminal statute.

thanks for posting this and adding your lying (do you see my hands anywhere but on the horn?) misguided hateful comment once more showing the world what a cretin you are.

nazified hateful pricks call regularly. you're an asshole. the police who respond to calls complaining about me playing on the corner tell me that they think people like you who abuse the 9-1-1 system to make complaints like that are assholes and that they'd tase and beat the crap out of you for calling like that.

whatever you say nazified yuppie scum tool of the fascist multi-national industrialist banker gangsters.

only bad cops enjoy stomping anybody, mr. hateful tool of the military industrial complex.

yuppie scum

you see the color of the sky? 6th street isn't good for the kind of income i get during the rush hour until after 10pm.

i happen to even be meeting with city council member aides on the new busker law in discussion.

what are you doing in the political arena besides talking shit on forums?

did you notice that there were no quotation marks around that statement? i never said anything like that and the statement was made up by the person who wrote that block of text.

i make $20-30/hr in the slot between 4-7pm. what do you make being a troll for white supremacist criminals?

go look this up: USC Title 18 § 1030

this thread is in violation of that felony criminal statute.