Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a load of idiots whose only entertainment in life is to defame and dogpile on other members

I get pissed off with scammers and people who lie so they can cheat others.

This is why I am a scambaiter, as we stop a lot of the scammers from stealing and hurting innocent victims.

Many years ago we installed a solar hot water system, I have saved so much on electricity it is awesome.

Shortly after we installed it, an inspector from the electricity board came to inspect our premises, the bill had dropped so much they thought I had bypassed the meter.

(The old heater was leaking and using vast amounts of electricity.)

@MercerReport. Well done indeed. It is brilliant to close down a fake site, as it stops a lot of victims losing their money and denies the lads some income.

On top of this it costs the lad more money if he wants to set up another site.

Our resident specialist will probably contact you this weekend. He is trustworthy and very knowledgeable about the uni scams.

Well done. I will ask a member who specialises in diploma mills and fake uni's etc to contact you.

I am sure you will be a big help to each other.

Good work in getting it closed down.

How can I moderate when I do not have any permissions set? I have asked you several times for them via Pm, but I get no reply from you? You ask the mods to help you and we can, but you do not reply to us.

At the moment I can edit only a few threads, how can I moderate if you do not give me the tools to do it?

If I remember correct it was Calvin Huckle AKA Suncrafter.

8th has some excellent members across a wide age range and this is fantastic, Dropping the network is a good decision, they are a load of idiots whose only entertainment in life is to defame and dogpile on other members 8th is a lot better than that.

You ask several times for the mods to assist you and this is part of their obligation as mods, but it is rather pointless if you do not communicate with them when they ask you for advice or information.

You have a site that is unique, but it needs us all to work together to help it grow.

Part of a mods work is to communicate and work with the owner to help the site grow in the way that is beneficial for us all, how can we do this if you do not talk to us?

Mods please step it up or i'll have to close the forum
I have tried to do this, but it is rather pointless if I do not have mod permissions set.
Vicky will make a good mod and is a regular poster. She should never have been allowed to step down just because of a troll.

I request that she be asked to be a mod again.

@DRE . Forget the black smilies, and the modifications, lets concentrate on the good people you have and get this suckker running and growing like it can.

Forget the crap you are being fed by the LIARS who operate the other network forums, they are working to their own agenda, and will lead you astray.
8th is unique in the world and it can become so much more that it is. Some of the members are awesome and are just terrific people lets give them the opportunity to grow. AND ANSWER YOUR BLOODY PM'S DUDE.

Vicky it is the simple truth and needed to be said.

A site is only as good as its members and on 8th we have some of the best people I have ever seen on a site like this. Our good members need to be nurtured.

Hi good to see you. Lets get posting and move 8th along. AL.

Thank you. I have moved the two threads into the Asylum. Over the next few days I have some interesting new threads to start. Lets all start to promote and help 8th grow.