Saturday, October 29, 2011

I will send you some voodoo curses

Many ways to start a nice turf war with the niggers.

If you want to go a little advanced, set up another email account as a third lad and then you can send a " ASEM" accidentally sent email" to one or both of the lads thanking him for becoming your new partner and chopping the dollah of the other lad.

Of course a nice little ploy is to mention that the lad is also GAY and does nasty things with goats? This really makes their day.

One of the things that drive lads crazy is if they think they have done the work on a victim and another lad comes along and takes "THEIR" money. If you want to really put the boot in, contact me with a spare email addy and I will send you some voodoo curses that will send him crazy.

ANY time a lad mentions JUJU, then they leave themselves open to our voodoo curses. :thumbup: