Sunday, October 16, 2011


Not really.
I was sure they were related to you, as you are the one known around the internet as

"THE LITTLE BROWN MONKEY" probably because of your silly chatter and preoccupation with shit that you seem obsessed with.  

Yes I can see how he has a wonderful cohesive affect.

Of course with him posting mainly derogatory comments after most of my posts, he could be described exactly the way you described me.
Maybe you should read and check out who exactly is obsessed with who?

Check out the blogs and forums that soyl has admitted to posting on, where the sole aim is to stalk and harass me with lies and innuendo, maybe you would see things a little clearer then?

Ask yourself why he is so insistent on posting links to these forums and places where he and his pal's have taken many hours to set up with the sole intention of harassing me.

Why does he constantly post links that lead to malware sites?

Why does he constantly post derogatory variations of my user name (Example above ) while as a fellow member I at least do him the courtesy of using his proper user name?

Tell me again who you think is obsessive with who.

Please explain to me why after many here say that they would be happier if I posted other things than something about Soyl. When I post an amusing video about animals in a sincere attempt to entertain the other members, the first response is from your pal Soyl and is a derogatory and insulting post. (Relatives of yours, Big dumbo Gal?) And you were accusing me of being obsessed.  

Nice one I actually believed you were an idiot there for a while.

There you go again Soyl talking to imaginary members.

I am quite sure we do not have a member with this user name.

Is your admitted mental problem making you talk to imaginary members again?

It is ok Soyl we all know you are crazy and post many lies and assorted drivel but we make allowances for your craziness.

We understand that you have a real life mental problem (Self admitted ) and should be locked away for your own protection, meanwhile do try to ask questions of current member's, not those who live only in your crazy mind.

Sorry little BHANGI but these members do not exist except in your delusions.

I do think that imaginary members who exist only in your unbalanced mind are not capable of answering you, or maybe you do see them talking to you? sorry this would be an illusion brought on by your warped mental state.

In the past I have answered you, even though you have been addressing people who do not exist, to help settle you down but I think it is now time for you to face reality on your own. Who knows it may help you come to terms with reality.  

Soyl take your medication for crying out loud.
Look back on your OWN posts, to where you said something like- ANOTHER ONE FOR THE BLOG" I have done with wasting my time checking back to placate a LIAR and mental case like you.

You can check back if you are incapable mentally of remembering What you posted.

The problem with you lying so much Soyl is that you tend to forget things and get confused.

Seriously Soyl, I mean this, get professional help for your mental problems and then you can lead a normal happy life like others do.  

It will make no difference asking, unlike you I will not knowingly post links to sites that are viral.

Please get help Soyl, It really would be the best thing for you.

Nice post Canadian_gal. Very cute.

I pooped in my pants just now and that slant-eyed nurse of mine has left for the day. She won't be pleased when she shows up tomorrow.