Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I feel betrayed by some one who I consider to be a friend. AL.

I sent the following PM to one of the CRETINS at AMB known as hypoxic, who I thought of as a Friend, but now is acting like a FIEND!!

Everytime you bash me it helps soyl. You do not need to praise me, but there is no need to join in with the dogpiling. If it continues I will be forced to defend myself from you as well. I would prefer not to do this but I will with a vengeance if I need to. The defaming of me only aids the scammers to do their evil work. You will see I posted four sites that we closed down. They were producing income of US$300,000 a WEEK EACH.
The scamming by Soyl and eater is not a joke or BS, it is a serious hardship for those innocent victims who lose their life's savings and sometimes their lives, because they were scammed by these bastards, who ranter and the others are supporting. What I have told you is only the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you want to crawl to the ranter morons is up to you but I left there a long time ago as they were acting like sub humans in slapping members just for a few laughs.

On ranter nothing is sacred. I have a load of Photos and information, some real life and I was never in Private. So their security is a farce.

I have a lot of personal information about Soyl and so have LEO. He has lost some of his ISP's lately and a lot of other things as well. There are better ways to sort out Soyl than posting on ranter where any post you make can and will be removed or altered to ridicule you.

It is not a smart move to join ANY site where the admins and mods are idiots and will mess with your posts at will.

They removed over fifty of my posts yet claim that no subject is taboo.

I will leave it up to you, but I feel betrayed by some one who I consider to be a friend. AL.