Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new idea's and innovative methods

On the advice of a lawyer friend of mine, I've been keeping a low profile lately in hopes that the CRETINS!! would back off, but as I said before, when I post less online, the attacks INCREASE! I don't understand this. Why do people hate me so much?

@theweave. Welcome to TSB. If I read this correctly it would be set up to obtain lads email addresses, is this right?

We do not have any problem with getting lads emails. I personally have a catcher account that regularly gets a thousand emails at any one time.

However your idea has merit in other ways. Please have a good look around and if possible donate and you will see a lot more. If you can of course.

We need new idea's and innovative methods to help in sorting out the lads. So please keep coming up with idea's. I don't come up with any myself, I leave it to others who aren't feeble and idiotic like me.

After you have had time to become more familiar with the way we work, I am sure that other idea's will become obvious and the website idea could be of great use. The way I work is that I post random photos that appear on other websites. That's about it these days. It's my way of fighting the CRETINS! and LIARS !!

Maybe some of the other members will also come up with ideas to implement this website into their plans.

It is possible that the lad/ladette does not know you are a baiter, but is just interested in why you are "playing" Most lads cannot comprehend that anyone would spend time on the internet if they are not making money from it. I can't comprehend why anyone would find me pointless, annoying, idiotic, and generally worthless, so what do I know?

There are many ways you can go with this. I would probably continue confusing the lad and maybe try to get information from him.

I am playing and asking me for details.
Ask him what he means and see what he comes back with. You can always expand the tale of woe after you know what he is thinking.  You should take my advice because I have so many wonderfully funny successful baits online. Oh wait, no I don't. God I suck.