Sunday, October 9, 2011

fake scamming websites recently

Hope you find a good job soon Dude. One that pays more money
Well make sure you get a window seat so you can watch the hot chicks walk by.

Interesting false accusation posted by Soyl.

You forgot to mention that Aldavor was caught out with his hand in the cookie jar to the tune of $70,000 discussing it with one of the admins on 419eater, before he ran to Panama. After abandoning his four websites.
It would not do to make it easy for the police to be able to track him down, eh Soyl.

I never made any such requests of Aldavor or any one else, As Aldavor and I were bitter enemies why would I make such a stupid request? Especially as I already had all the information on the member he was talking about.

By the way Soyl, did you make a collection yet to help pay for Lotta's legal fee's?

Hey Soyl tell us why so many of the posts on eater have been recently deleted? The last time this happened was when Witch and Thunderchild AKA Biggles told them the police were investigating eater and they deleted over 500 posts in about one hour.
What were they afraid of ?

Lost any fake scamming websites recently soyl. Every time you lose some you start the defamatory posts against me again.

This encourages me to close more down. Tell me Soyl why are so many members now leaving eater? They just lost another very experienced guy. When they find out the truth, they are often eager to pass along information. Thanks Soyl for helping me in your own way to expose eater, I am sure they appreciate it.

Let me make this absolutely clear to you once and for all: I will *not* read any PM's on SB or any of the other sites for ANY REASON whatsoever!! I told you this on ILS and I'll tell you now - this ain't gonna happen,
Oh you forgot that Aldavor also ADMITTED to Fungus and others that he HAD looked at PM's, after denying he would ever do this.
He was very taken aback when copies and proof of this were produced.

Time will tell Soyl.