Friday, October 28, 2011

crawling to get back into TR


Lets get this straight, you seem to think it is ok to post my personal pm for the laughs.

So it is only fair that your PM is also published. Good luck with your crawling to get back into TR.

You started this so have fun.

No Al, Im not joining the Al bashers... just a few ribs now and again.
A couple of the ranters are pressuring goodi to un ban my old account, which he doesnt want to do, mostly because he hates me. I don't necessarilly want to go back there. But I thought it would be funny to try and get my account back, then burn them for banning me for no reason and letting soyl use my personal info from private against me here.
I was a member in the private forums over there for over 5 years and posted a lot of of personal stuff in private. I'm still not real happy about that.
I can't undo it. But I can get some pay back, if I'm patient and press the right buttons.
I hope there are no hard feelings.