Monday, March 3, 2014

defend myself by exposing

If you would allow me to elaborate a little farter.

I have respectfully and politely asked Joe to remove the stolen photo of me that he has ADMITTED is my photo many times, I have pleaded, asked, begged and even apologized for a slight insult after he said he would accept an apology, all to no avail. His refusal to do the right thing and remove the stolen photo of me has left me no option but to defend myself by exposing him and letting people know that what he is doing is wrong.
Surely when attacked in this way I have a right to defend myself. He is now publicly accusing me of being a scammer. He posts proof as there is alot. This is another line crossed.

At one stage, after he banned Chandra for impersonating me on juot, I thanked him and praised him for it. Then after he suddenly got out of a financial hole he was in, everything suddenly changed and he started to support the defamation of me on his site. And to support the scammers.
I know that these scammers have in the past blackmailed and bribed people to do their will. 2+2 =4. x^2 \frac{d^2 y}{dx^2} + x \frac{dy}{dx} + (x^2 - \alpha^2)y = 0

There is as far as I am aware NO other reason for Joe to allow the use of my stolen photo on his site, as he cannot possibly have any personal goal in doing this as it was there BEFORE I started to expose him.. The photo was stolen from my PC by a hacker, it is interesting to know how Joe and his hacker friends have it, until my post on here I had NEVER posted it on the internet.

After Joe and his scammer pals started to call me a paedophile and to try to damage my website that is non political and ONLY helps people, then it was time to expose my withered genitals.

Sorry but to call me a stalker for defending myself against someone who has stalked me for over seven years is wrong. All I did was post a bunch of reviews of his site where I pretended to be aggrieved. No biggie.

I value your freedom to post what you think and you are of course entitled to post what you think, but I would appreciate checking out who is in fact the stalker first.
Any responsible admin would at the very least adhere to their own rules and do the right and honourable thing and remove any personal information including stolen photos. Forget that I go around defaming him under different aliases. Joe refuses to do the right thing. Thanks. AL.