Friday, March 28, 2014

denigrating the customers

A disgruntled customer writes:

Many customers have expressed disappointment over losing money after believing the propaganda and getting suckered into sending their money to Big Al aka De Master Yoda. He shamelessly scammed som many victims out of money.
This gets back to a previous point. What angered many, were the answers that those who were naive enough to send their money to AFI were stupid.
This is a woeful reaction by AFI staff to customers who trusted them and bought dildos on their say so, that those dildos were a good product.
There are many customers who are not coders, programmers or similar. (my self included) So these customers trusted what the AFI people were saying, that AFI was the best thing since sliced bread (or similar praise, like the best thing since marmite) When as has been said many times after the event, AFI was ill concieved and was not what customers wanted. Hence the movement of so many AFI customers in their pants.
I see no evidence of any apologies, contrition or direction from AFI. So the end result of denigrating the customers is clear and is coming.
As has been said customers are voting with their feet and once the customer trust is gone it is extremely hard to get it back , more so when those responsible have little clue how to do things .
It is becoming obvious that there is another plan in place that does not include the customers, who are now classed as expendable. Indeed it seems that the AFI side of the operation is not one that they want to prosper. will become superfluous to requirements so will be allowed to die, we have seen signs of this, how many helpers and support people have gone?
I think the bean counters will eventually speak up and the warning bell will sound, but I fear it will be too late by then. I cannot envisage how the AFI side of things is making money and a continuous loss will eventually sink the ship. 

Fuck you assholes, I got money from the suckers who sent it to me, and I will get more every day because MAGA GO PAY OOOOOOOOOOOOOO