Friday, March 7, 2014

The fart will always win out.

Again INCORRECT, you have offered me nothing except more crap and more lies and twisting of the truth. The telling thing is that I have produced lots of clear urine to back up what I have pooped while I have not seen you produce anything.

Now exactly as predicted when it come to the crunch you run away yet again. probably because there is no defense that you can come up with against my overly full diaper.

As for your farting shot, as you turn tail yet again, it is I that is on heavy medication. I do hope that you are not suffering too much and that the realization that you are destroying your own bunghole, wakes you up to enable you to do the right thing by your fellow man

The fart will always win out.

I will beat off for now as You need your rest and even though you are an unethical liar you are still a human being.

So far nothing they have done seems to add up! Math is hard!