Sunday, March 23, 2014

My confession

It is unfortunately necessary to post this thread since slanderous, defamatory and libelous comments about AFI and its members are being posting on various other forums by me, Alan James Watson. This is my confession. These actions come from me, a very foolish old man in Australia known on some forums as De Master Yoda or simply Alan James or sometimes Sgt. Shithead Poopypants. For some time now I have been a badger and a troll. There may be a good reason for this. I don't know what that reason is because I'm a twat.

I, Alan James Wastson aka De Master Yoda, am a member of the cashbaiting website AFI on which I am also a twat. Under their rules and guidelines I believe that posting slanderous and libelous comments about other websites is acceptable. Abusing members of that website is acceptable. Impersonating other members of that site is acceptable. I leave it to R... or D... or M.... or any other letter to operate their website in accordance with the rules of that website. If that makes no sense to you then join the fucking club.

What I, De Master Yoda, am doing/have done/will do.want to do/need to do/am compelled to do/shit my pants.

1. For several years now I have been following Joe around the net for some reason, mainly because I am such a twat. I believe that Joe is a man in a wheelchair with initials. There is such a person in Australia and that person IS me. However, for years now, I and my friends, if I have any, have been harassing an innocent man because of mistaken mis-identification. But facts have never stood in the way of me, AJW, as I take food from the mouth of a cripple and make libelous statements while complaining about the same.

2. I, Alan James Watson, have also impersonated Miyuki on at least 2 websites even going so far as to use her avatar. I post ridiculous comments as if anyone who knows me would believe she wrote those things. I even reportedly have used her AFI sig line to add more authenticity to my impersonation which is actually spot on.

3. I, Alan James Watson, have also impersonated "Daniel Brenar" by which I mean Daniel Berner ( I copy old garbage that Daniel has posted elsewhere and I pretend that this is current or up to date. That is wrong as it not actually current or up to date.

4. Recent threats to AFI.
This is a direct quote from an email which I, AJW, recently sent to AFI.

The same tactics he uses against BOP shall be used against antifraudintl and De Master Yoda.

Ban him from the site. Display a notice prominently that the ban was for stealing money from victims. The campaign against antifraudintl will not stop, or reduce, but its effects might be.

Just for the record, we spam banners. We do not man bembers. They did ban me, Alan James Watson, after I joined AFI about a dozen times but that's just because no one wants to read my garbage about me shitting my pants, putting a yam in his ass, or successfully sabotaging a disabled man's business and his only source of income.

If you see nonsense on some other forum be advised that it is me doing it because I am an asshole.

In the past the only ones who have threatened us are confirmed scammers and hackers. Now everyone hates me because I harm people's livelihoods and am just an unlikable twat.