Tuesday, June 18, 2013


BirdOPrey5 I am sorry that you cannot comprehend what I said in my post above yours. but when you sell your soul to the scammers like you have done, then you do start to lose objectivity. Once you have accepted your thirty pieces of silver then it becomes easier to lie and the slide down is quicker. Nobody knows this better than me because I've been cashbaiting for years and I can tell you that it wears you out eventually.

Why did you do it Joe? Medical bills getting too much were they? or maybe a house re-payment was becoming hard to make. Sorry Joe, but while selling your soul and integrity sounds ok at the time, there is always a penalty due. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul"
Did you honestly think you could start to attack me and not have me defend myself. Sorry Joe you picked the wrong guy to defame and lie about. Did your new masters forget to tell you this? They probably told you that I'm a doughy, squinty, geriatric idiot with incontinence.

I am quite happy to send you copies of things when you have done the ethical thing and removed the defamatory posts about me from your website, as any decent responsible admin would do.
However you cannot can you. Not until your masters the scammer scum give you permission to do it. You should only do what I tell you and not anyone else.

I called you out on this Joey, but as predicted you were unable to do it as you are now totally subservient to your scammer masters. And because I asked you to do something retarded.

Joe I have never sunk as low as you have, what is it like to have low life scammer scum tell you what you can and cannot do ?
How do you sleep knowing that you are contributing to the misery and heartache of the poor innocent people that are scammed for a few dollars by your new scammer scum masters who you are supporting, this makes you just as culpable as them. You are acting like a sub human now. So do not be surprised if you start to be treated like one in the near future.

Now I have to pick up a trunkbox full of money, so brb lol cya.