Wednesday, June 12, 2013

everything I have posted on here is true

My My Joey you do seem a little upset. Now take your medication and calm down. It seems you are very worried about some thing you are ashamed of and trying to hide and are lashing out in frustration.

It is interesting to see you reveal your true self and how low you have sunk as a human being.

Joey I can understand your frustration and anger against the world when you may feel you were dealt a bad hand through no fault of your own. I understand, because I too was paralysed for a while except I was totally paralysed, except for my head, so I know it is frustrating. but you cannot blame the world and do the wrong thing by people as some form of warped payback.
Did you give in to the scammers as a type of payback, to revenge yourself on a world that cruelly disabled you?

Now Joey that was uncalled for. Yes to those who try to defame me and support scammers to do it I can be a tad annoying.

I did tell one lie, as I explained and apologized to you and others publicly for it. However everything I have posted on here is to the best of my knowledge true and many times I have backed it up. When I said I shit my pants at least once a day: FACT. When I said I am a cashbaiter: FACT. When I said I lost my retirement savings to a bunch of niggers: FACT.

No Joe, I have not cheated any one. Well, nobody who didn't deserve it.

Sorry Joe but I have not scammed anyone. I have however helped many scammers in cheating innocent people. How about you? How many scammers have you helped?

A general scumbag? How about a specific scumbag? Possibly, to people like you who sell their soul for thirty pieces of silver and in so doing are then committed to attacking people on the order of your masters.
However scumbag may be a little harsh, how about an annoying little sod instead? This sounds a lot more cultured. :D:D

Sounds just like you BirdOPrey5. So tell me how much is the going price in US dollars now?

Now come along Joseph let it all out. Tell me what you really think!

OH drat, does this mean I am off your Christmas card list? :D