Tuesday, June 11, 2013

smear campaign

Again we see nothing but lies from you Joe. Lets explain the truth.
When I became a MOD at rahstyles by begging for the position, I shit all over the forum and screwed AMDIM (Mike Raineri, the Jap ladyboi) out of years of hard work and ruined his name. He eventually gave up because I fucked his shit up.

He deleted all the posts and I made a copy of his IP's as the one who did it. He has kept the same IP for a long time now. ( not real smart when he posts lies and crap) He forgot that I had the permissions to see his IP on Rahsyles and could see what he was doing.

He was BANNED for this (forget to mention this Joe? ) Not I.
If there is any doubt, I can ask the owner to contact you and verify the facts and that I was actively trying to help the site grow, even Chandra posted and asked why I was trying so hard to keep the site up and running!

Why the smear campaign against me with such ferocity? After I exposed some scammers and closed down many of their scam websites, they mounted a smear campaign to discredit me so that I would not be believed, and now you have been sucked in. I nuked that fucking chink site lol.

Oddly enough I can prove yet again what I say while you are reduced to posting crap that you have been fed by your scammer masters.

Sorry Joe, but your lies will not wash anymore and you have already lost. You would be surprised, who among your long time friends have contacted me privately asking for more information about your actions. Naturally I have been willing to tell them the truth about how low you have fallen. They have expressed great disappointment in you.

This piss poor attempt to discredit me with such total bullshit is yet another example of how you are failing.

No worries Joe. Before I really expose you I have given you plenty of opportunity to do the right thing and remove the crap that you have allowed a scammer and hacker to post.
You still have time, but it is running out.

Now lets look at one of the sites I have closed down, I got Crunktimes closed down for posting threats and lies about me, this was illegal in the state the host operated from.
They were evicted by their host and had to get another host and start again. From memory I told you about this, why not post about this one that I DID get closed down, instead of posting more lies about a site that I did NOT close down, but did my best to help grow.

I would strongly advise you NOT to post false and defamatory posts that you cannot prove. Only I can do that.

Summary: I fucked over the guy who started rahstyles and drove him from the internet. I "shut down" Crunktimes even though the site still exists, but only because they never made me a MOD. Whenever I am at a loss, I accuse people of being scammers. I shit my pants on a daily basis and my diaper rash is epic.